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Rapid measurement of ðÍ and temperature in aqueous solutions, wet media and biological tissues in laboratory and field conditions, control of the electrode system potential. ðÍ is measured electrochemically by direct potentiometric analysis using an ion–selective glass ðÍ–electrode.


The instrument allows:

  • interactive control of instrument operation using a dual–line alpha–numeric LCD display and a user– friendly interface;

  • using ðÍ -electrodes of any type, automatic control of their characteristics;

  • fast automatic one- and two-point calibration with automatic temperature compensation and reference to ðÍ – temperature curves for standard buffer solutions stored in the instrument memory;

  • simultaneous display of two measured characteristics and the current time on the LCD screen;

  • audio signaling of ðÍ readings settlement or their going beyond prescribed limits;

  • saving up to 100 data point, the last calibration results and parameter settings in the instrument memory at the instrument switch–off for each of 10 electrodes used;

  • communications with the computer via an IR port or RS-232 Ñ interface;

  • graphic display on the PC screen of current and stored values of pH, electrode system EMF and studied medium temperature values;

  • protection of the structural elements against corrosive chemicals and electrolytes due to the solid plasticized front panel with a built–in keyboard and hermetic design of the set of contacts;

Main technical characteristics

Measurement range:
ðÍ , ðÍ units
temperature, ° Ñ

± 4000

Basic absolute measurement error limit:
ðÍ , ðÍ units
temperature, ° Ñ

± 0.005
± 0.1
± 0.1

Measurement time *, s


Power supply voltage, V


Current consumption, no more than, mA


Overall dimensions of the meter, mm

165 x 80 x 35

Weight of the meter, g


Power supply: battery, mains (220 V, 50 Hz, via adapter)

* Depends on electrode parameters and specified accuracy requirements.

Application: Biology, Medicine., Sanitary–hygienic and process control.

The instrument can be used for research and routine analyses of acidic–alkaline properties of various media.

ðÍ dynamics of a local human skin area

Manufacturer, delivery term

Developed at the Institute for Analytical Instrumentation RAS ( Russian Academy of Sciences), Research and Production Center of Ecology and Health, Ltd.

Manufacturer: Research and Production Center of Ecology and Health, Ltd

Delivery term: 2 months from the date of 50 % advance payment

Delivery kit

The basic set of equipment supplied: meter (mains operated via adapter), temperature sensor, combined pH electrode. Optionally supplied: built–in battery, adapter–charger, data output device for communications with PC via IR–or RC–232C interface, graphic display software, data processing software, stand, special–purpose electrodes.


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