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The set of instruments and diagnostic test systems for rapidd performance and detection of latex agglutination reaction is designed for diagnosing immune-dependent diseases.

The instrument set will ensure: rapid performance of agglutination reaction in trays; automatic registration of the agglutination results by the appearance of sediments in the tray sockets; saving and archiving the analysis results in electronic form.

The set of diagnostic test systems allows identification of opportunistic bacteria cytodern l ipopolysaccharides in the human blood serum in the process of latex agglutination reaction. (Manufacturer: NPC Medical Immunilogy Ltd., Moscow ).

The instrument set comprises:

•  Instrument for rapid production of the latex agglutination reaction.

•  scanning system for detecting the latex agglutination results.


Instrument for rapid production of the latex agglutination reaction

Acceleration of the agglutination reaction occurs due to treating the reaction ingredients in the tray sockets by pulse-modulated ultrasound.

Under the ultrasound action, radiation pressure forces latex particles to get together and form layers and aggregates. In the intervals between the ultrasound pulses, the aggregates precipitate with dissociation. Prior to dissociation, the aggregates pass a certain distance with a larger speed than individual particles.

Ultrasonic field imposing and removing alternate until the particles forming initially the upper layer precipitate onto the socket bottoms.

The reaction results are registered according to the "umbrella-button" scheme.  


Scanning system FOR detecting the latex agglutination results.

Built around a scanner that produces shots from transparent films. To prevent the tray images overexposure in scanning and to arrange them unambiguously on the scanner slide, a special matrix with two optical masks is used.

User will operate the scanning system interactively by displaying appropriate dialog boxes on the computer monitor.


Peculiar features

•  Rapid (5 times and more faster than conventional techniques) production of the agglutination reaction in trays.

•  Automatic registration of results of latex agglutination in trays.

•  Archiving and representation of the analysis results in electronic form.


Basic performance characteristics

Duration of latex agglutination reaction in conventional 96-socket trays, minutes


< 15

Ultrasound frequency, MHz


Average density of the ultrasonic field energy, J/m 3

< 10

Time of image processing, s

< 5

Dimensions of the reaction unit, mm

230 x 140x 150

Unit weight, kg




Preferred application - Immunology

Appearance of the sample titration results



Legal protection

RF Patent No. 2350957 for invention "Device for immunological study of biological liquids" dated 27.03.2009.



Designers: Institute for Analytical Instrumentation RAS,

RF FMBA Immunology Institute.

Manufacturer: Institute for Analytical Instrumentation RAS.


Delivery set

•  Instrument for rapid production of the latex agglutination reaction

•  Scanning system for registration of the latex agglutination results.

•  Software;

•  Set of diagnostic test systems produced by NPC Medical Immunology Ltd.


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