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Compact controller VC-2212M

Compact controller VC-2212M is designed for concurrent monitoring of low and high vacuum in vacuum piping by using transducers PMT-6 and PMM-32 in the range of 10-7 to 10 5 Pa.

Controller VC-2212M is a device combining a power supply and pressure indication systems for transducers of two types: thermoelectric transducer PMT-6-3 and cold cathode inverse-magnetron transducer PMM-32-1.



Vacuum monitor VC-2212M will ensure:

•  concurrent monitoring of low and high vacuum in vacuum piping;

•  pressure indication on an LC screen in various units (Pa, torr, mbar);

•  LED indication of reaching and exceeding the vacuum threshold levels (the vacuum threshold levels are among the instrument settings);

•  the Operator can choose the controller operating mode by himself;

•  generation of the interlock signal in case vacuum in the vacuum piping becomes worse than the threshold setting;

•  interlock deactivation in an emergency situation.


Basic performance characteristics

Low vacuum channel (transducer PMT-6-3):

Pressure measurement range, Pa


Relative error, %

1.3 to 10 Pa

10 to 3·10 3 Pa


- 50…+100

- 40…+60

High vacuum channel (transducer PMM-32-1):

Pressure measurement range, Pa

10-7-1.3 · 10-1

Relative error, %

- 25…+50

General characteristics

Maximum current through the interlock output:




~240 V , 2.5 А

28 V , 5 А

Supply voltage


Power consumption, W


Overall dimensions

196 x 106 x 129 mm ;

3U, 21TE, L160 mm

Weight, kg



Peculiar features

•  Any vacuum measurement channel and interlock may be switched on/off manually.

•  Autocalibration of the low vacuum measurement channel in case transducer PMT-6-3 is replaced.

•  Possibility of switching over from the automatic mode to the simple meter manual mode.

•  Conventional connection of VC-2212M to the computer and total remote monitoring and control through the USB interface.

•  Possibility of controlling the vacuum system actuators according to any algorithm via an additional relay unit EU-01 (up to six programmable channels per unit).


Preferred application

Vacuum monitoring in automated process vacuum systems.


Designer, manufacturer

Designers: Institute for Analytical Instrumentation RAS,


Manufacturer: TEKHNAN Ltd.


Basic delivery set

•  vacuum controller VC-2212M;

•  manometric transducer PMT-6-3;

•  manometric transducer PMM-32-1;

•  connection cable for the PMT-6-3 transducer;

•  connection cable for the PMM-32-1 transducer.


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