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The planet centrifuge is designed for:

  • analytical and preparative separation ;

  • concentration and extraction of organic and inorganic substances from liquid samples.

The planetary centrifuge realizes a liquid chromatography technique with a free stationary phase. The stationary phase – one of the phases of a two–phase liquid extraction system – is confined inside a rotating coiled column (RCC) by the field of mass forces arising from the column rotation. At the same time the other phase (mobile) is continuously pumped through the column.


Main technical characteristics

RCC capacity , mL


RCC revolution radius , mm


Coefficient (RCC rotation–to–revolution radius ratio)


Rotation speed range , min -1


Rotation speed instability, no more than


Power supply voltage, V


Power consumption, kVA, no more than


Overall dimensions , mm

450 x 320 x 350

Weight , kg


Automatic control and display of operation modes


Analytical chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, biotechnology, ecology.

Separation of cesium and strontium using isocratic elution

Separation of trace amounts of Eu(III) and Am(III) using stepwise elution


The main essential feature of this chromatography mode is the absence of a sorbent or solid phase for retention of the stationary phase.
This makes possible:

  • pextraction of the target components directly from heterogeneous, complex matrices without the need for pre–purifying and pre–separation stages;

  • a wide variety of two–phase liquid systems used;

  • easy switching from one distribution system to another;

  • high yield of the target product;

  • variety of sample types including heterogeneous samples (suspensions, slurries).

The centrifuge operation is based on the new concept of planetary revolution of the chromatographic column (RF Patent ¹2126722 ), which has given higher efficiency and quality of extraction and separation processes, reliability, markedly lower acoustic noise.


Certification, legal protection

The RF patent for the invention ¹ 2126722 "Planet Centrifuge for Countercurrent Liquid–Liquid Chromatography" has been received.

The device certification is under way.

Manufacturer, delivery term

Manufacturer: Institute for Analytical Instrumentation RAS ( Russian Academy of Sciences).

Delivery term: 3 months from the date of 50% advance payment.

Delivery kit

Planet centrifuge, two replaceable 15 mL columns, Technical Description and Operating Instruction Manual, spares kit: fittings, flexible shaft, fuses.

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