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Rapid analyzer ANK-4 (4 pieces) is a new-generation instrument of the ANK line, namely, nucleic acid quantity analyzers by the PCR method in the real-time mode. The instrument is designed as a mobile device able perform a great variety of RT-PCR investigations.

The ANK-4 is designed so as to perform the RT-PCR analysis during 30 minutes; duration of the entire analysis cycle, from sampling to getting the results, does not exceed two hours.




The ANK-4 instrument comprises:

•  thermal unit working in the 60-95-60 C cyclic mode; ensures high rate of the PCR analysis;

•  optical unit measuring the sample fluorescence signal (4 colors). four-color measurement of the fluorescence signal makes it possible to observe concurrently four independent reactions in the same sample;

•  software allowing the researchers to set and control the PCR conditions, measure the fluorescence, and process the data obtained.

A line of auxiliary laboratory equipment, as well as reagents and RT-PCR test systems, was developed specially for the ANK instruments.


Peculiar features

•  Minimal analysis duration: DNA analysis for 30 minutes.

•  Applicable under field conditions.

•  Estimation of DNA quantity in the sample from units to 109 copies.

•  Concurrent quantitative analysis of up to 4 different DNAs in the same test tube.

•  High sensitivity allowing one to minimize the amount of reagents.

•  Friendly software, up-to-date data processing algorithms.

•  reduction of contamination risk.

•  Adapted reagent base (produced by CJSC SINTOL, Moscow ).


Basic performance characteristics


Number of test tube sockets


Test tube type and capacity, ml


with transparent lids;


Temperature range,

4 99

Socket temperature difference


Socket temperature error (for the temperature range of 40 to 95 )


Test tube heating (cooling) rate, minimum, per s


Controllable heating of the thermal lid,


Accuracy of lid temperature maintenance,


Optical unit

Light source

4 LEDs

Light detector

Photoelectric multiplier

Excitation wave length, nm

490, 530, 580, 630

Registration wave length, nm

520, 550, 610, 670

Sensitivity of each channel (FAM, R6G, ROX and Cy5), maximum, M


General characteristics

Power consumption, W


The instrument can be energized from the car mains through an adapter, V


Dimensions, mm

320 x 259 x 220

Weight, kg



Preferred application

Field express analysis:

•  Biological safety: detection of causative agents of plague, cholera, smallpox, anthrax, and so on.

•  Agriculture: GMO detection, etc.

•  Criminalistics: identification of personality.


•  It is possible to perform the entire cycle of RT-PCR analysis during 2 academic hours.





Legal protection

RF Patent No. 2304277 of August 2007.
Roszdravnadzor Registration Certificate No. FC 0222005/2163-05 valid from 23.08.2005 to 23.08.2010.



Institute for Analytical Instrumentation RAS.


Delivery set

The mandatory delivery set includes:

•  rapid analyzer ANK-4;

•  software;

•  procedural guidelines;

•  calibration kit;

•  primers, dyes and other reagents produced by CJSC SINTOL ( Moscow ).

The following devices can be delivered optionally: high-speed micro-centrifuge, vortex centrifuge, solid-state thermostat.


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