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Anaerostat (anaerobic jar) AE-01 is designed to cultivate, in Petri dishes, microorganisms belonging to the group of obligate anaerobes (bacteroids) and microaerophiles (campilobacters).

The device does not have any domestically produced analogs.


The Anaerostat is a cylindrical vessel tightly closable with a belt lock. The vessel and lid are made from optically transparent plastic. The vacuum meter and valve whereto the vacuum pump and gas source external system are connected are built in the lid.

The anaerobic or microphile atmosphere necessary to cultivate microorganisms in the anaerostat can be created by one of two methods:

•  using gas-generating packages of the Gaepack type;

•  by vacuum-substitutive filling with oxygen-free gases (gas mixtures).

Main technical characteristics

Useful volume


Maximum number of Petri dishes to be simultaneously put into AE-01, pcs.


Overall dimensions:

height, not to exceed, mm

diameter, not to exceed, mm




Weight, max, kg



Cultivation of microorganisms in anaerobic and microaerophile environments at laboratories of hygienic-epidemiological centers, medical-prophylactic centers, and research institutes.


Anaerostat AE-01 is permitted for using in medical practice by the RF Ministry of Health. Certificate No. 02013169/1216-05 dated 17.02.05.


Manufacturer Institute of Analytical Instrumentation of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Time of delivery 10 days since the moment of payment.

Delivery kit

The mandatory delivery set comprises: sealable polycarbon vessel; rubber sealing gasket for the vessel; vacuum meter; tube connecting tip; Petri dish holder; connecting tube.


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