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Publishing ethics

1. Publication and authorship

The Author (Co-authors) guarantees that:

    1.1.  The Paper is an original work submitted for consideration only to this Journal and that the Author (Co-authors) has not published the Paper earlier in volume more than 50% in printed and/or electronic media other than publication of a preprint (manuscript) of the Paper.

    1.2.  The Paper does not contain citations that are not enclosed in quotation marks that could be defined as plagiarism.

    1.3.  The Paper contains all references to cited authors and (or) publications (materials) as stipulated by current legislation and that the Author (Co-authors) has obtained all necessary permissions to use results, facts and other adopted materials in the Paper, the rights of which are not held by the Author (Co-authors).

    1.4.  The Author (Co-authors) shall transfer copyrights for a period of the journal issue production wherefore a Copyright Transfer Agreement shall be signed.

    1.5.  The sources of target financial support are clearly indicated in the Paper.

    1.6.  The Paper does not contain materials that are known as to be false or are not subject to publication in public media according to current legislative acts of the Russian Federation and the publication and distribution of the Paper will not lead to the divulgence of classified (confidential) information (including state secrets).

    1.7.  All Co-authors are participants of the scientific research stated in article.

    1.8.  All Co-authors are responsible for correction and an exception of mistakes in article.

    1.9.  All publications in the Journal are free of charge and the Journal does not pay royalties to the Author (Co-authors).

    1.10.  The Journal guarantees confidentiality of data transmitted to the Journal until publication of the Paper.

    1.11.  The Author (Co-authors) should bear in mind that materials submitted to the Journal are not returned regardless whether the paper has been accepted for publication or rejected.

2. Rights and Responsibilities of the Author (Co-authors)

    2.1.  The Author undertakes:

    2.1.1.  To submit the manuscript in accordance with the Guidelines for Authors, if the formatting of the manuscript does not comply with these Guidelines, the Editors have the right to return the manuscript to the Author with comments on the formatting without examination by experts and registration.

    2.1.2.  During preparation of the Paper for publishing:

    • within 15 days to provide the answer to questions and Reviewer's wishes in Edition if the review of article received by Edition contains those and therefore it is sent to the Author;
    • to make corrections to the text of the Paper as indicated by referees and accepted by the Editorial Board of the Journal and/or to revise the Paper at the request of the Publisher, if necessary;
    • to read proofs of the Paper as specified by the schedule of the Journal publication;
    • to make only minimum alterations to the proof of the Paper due to the necessity of correcting errors in the original manuscript of the Paper and/or making factual changes.

    Other changes in the text other than the requested and technical corrections are not permitted. In case if author’s alterations occur in the manuscript, in addition to the expert’s and/or Editors comments, the manuscript is considered as a new one and is registered again and sent to experts for examination.

    2.1.3.  Not to publish the Paper in the volume of more than 50% in other printed and/or electronic media in the Russian language without the Publisher’s permission.

    2.1.4.  Not to use an electronic copy of the Paper prepared by the Publisher for publication in other media and for commercial purposes without permission of the Publisher.

    2.2.  The Author (Co-authors) has the right:

    2.2.1.  To use the print or electronic preprints of the unpublished manuscript of the Paper in the form and content accepted by the Publisher for publication in the Journal. Such preprints may be posted as electronic files on the website of the Author (Co-authors) or on a secure external website of the Author’s (Co-authors’) employer but not for commercial sales or systematic external distribution by a third party.
    In this case, the Author (Co-authors) shall:

    • include to the preprint the following warning: "This is a preprint of the Paper accepted for publication in (title of the Journal, ©, copyright (year), the copyright owner as indicated in the Journal)";
    • provide an electronic link to the Publisher's site, URL: (iairas.ru).

    2.2.2.  To photocopy or transfer a copy of the Paper published free of charge in whole or in part to colleagues for their personal or professional use, promotion of academic or scientific researches or informational purposes of the employer.

    2.2.3.  To use materials of the Paper published in a book written by the Author (Co-authors).

    2.2.4.  To use some figures or tables and fragments from the text of the Paper for own educational purposes or for including them in the other work or for presenting in electronic format in an internal (protected) computer network or on the external website of the Author (Co-author) or his/her employer.

    2.2.5.  To include materials of the Paper in textbooks for the use in classrooms, for free distribution of materials among the students of the Author (Co-authors) or to store materials in electronic format on a local server for student access as a part of training course and internal training programs in the institution of the employer.

3. Peer-review (Referee’s Code of Ethics)

    3.1.  The Journal accepts and uses so-called "double-blind peer review". This ensures the confidentiality and impartiality.

    3.2.  Associate editors of the Magazine or profile experts of the scientific level "doctor of science" involved by them act as peer-reviewers there is staff of the academic institutes of the St. Petersburg Russian Academy of Sciences Scientific center and universities of St. Petersburg.

    3.3.  The paper, from the title of which the Author’s (Co-authors’) name and institution are deleted, is presented to a referee and he/she is asked to make a judgment as objectively as possible based on such criteria as:

    • clarity, correctness and argumentativeness of presentation;
    • scientific accuracy and value of the results;
    • relevance of the work;
    • possible influence of the work on fundamental and applied researches.

    3.4.  The referee’s report (without the referee’s signature) is made known (sent) to the Author of the Paper) only in cases and for purpose of the Paper enhancement:

    • if the referee has put some questions;
    • if the referee has offered some recommendations.

    3.5.  The negative review (the reviewer shouldn’t refer to the similar publications which aren’t quoted by the Author), and also the answer of the Author to the review are estimated by the Editorial board, and the Author is told the decision on acceptance or rejection of article to the publication in the Magazine.

    3.6.  The referee cannot use results of a peer-reviewed paper in his/her work or inform anyone about these results before publication of the paper.

    3.7.  The Reviewer is obliged to destroy the manuscript which has arrived on the review.

4. The Editor’s Code of Ethics

    4.1.  The editors are aware of the responsibility and difficulty of the decision-making on rejection or acceptance of a paper for publication. They judge only from the principles of the development of scientific knowledge and improve the scientific prestige of the Journal. They judge only according to principles of the development of scientific knowledge and improvement of scientific prestige of the Journal.

    4.2.  Respect for the Author of any Paper to be accepted/rejected is the basis of publishing activities.

    4.3.  Anonymity of a referee does not revealed during communications with the Author.

    4.4.  Editorial revisions are introduced taking into consideration the referee’s opinion and are agreed with the Author.

5. Ethics of the Journal’s Issue

    5.1.  Printed and electronic issues of the Journal are produced synchronously, regular, quarterly (4 times a year): March, June, September and December.

    5.2.  The Journal has consistently adhered to a strict academic style, avoiding elements of advertising and show business on its pages.

    5.3.  An issue of the Journal can include the section "Personalia" dedicated to outstanding scientists whose activities are connected with the Journal.

    5.4.  The Journal declares readiness to publish corrections of occurred errors, clarifications of abbreviations and apologies when necessary.

    5.5.  The Journal guarantees absence of plagiarism and false data. All manuscripts are checked for incorrect borrowings (plagiarism). If incorrect borrowings of more than 75% are found, as well as the fact of publication of the material earlier in other publications in full or in part (in the amount of more than 50%) is established, the author of the article is notified of the termination of its consideration.

    5.6.  The Journal in print form is distributed by subscription (index: 70613 in a subscription catalogue at post offices) and delivered through the Central Institute of Bibliography to the largest libraries of the country.

    5.7.  The Full-text Journal Issues of 2000–2004 are available at the Scientific Electronic Library (SEL) on (http://elibrary.ru) and the current issues since 2005 — on the website of IAI RAS (http://iai.rssi.ru/magazine.php,

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