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The Author(s)_______________________________________________________________________
(surname, first name, patronymic name)
(surname, first name, patronymic name)

hereafter referred to as the "Author" and the Institute for Analytical Instrumentation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) hereafter referred to as the "Publisher" represented by Editor-in-Chief of the Journal "Nauchnoe Priborostroenie (Scientific Instrumentation)" Kurochkin Vladimir Efimovich, acting on the basis of "Regulations on a Scientific Journal Founded by the Russian Academy of Sciences", have hereby agreed as follows:

1. From the date of execution of this Agreement, the Author shall transfer to the Publisher free of charge the rights to publish the Article, in printed and electronic form, and also extracts to be transferred to Scientific Electronic Library (SEL) to keep Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI),

_________________________________________________________________________________ ,
(title of the article)

approved and accepted for publication by the Editorial Board of the original journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Russian language (hereafter referred as the "Journal")
"Nauchnoe Priborostroenie (Scientific Instrumentation)"

2. The Author guarantees that:

    2.1.  he has the consent of all co-authors of the Article, whose rights for publishing and distribution of the Article are transferred to the Publisher hereunder;

    2.2.  he has not published the Article in volume more than 50 percent in other printed and (or) electronic media other than as a preprint of the Article;

    2.3.  the Article contains all references to the cited authors and (or) publications as well as the results and facts used in the Article obtained by other authors or institutions as stipulated by current copyright legislation;

    2.4.  the Article does not contain materials that are not subject to publication in public media in accordance with current regulatory documents.

3. The Author undertakes:

    3.1. to make corrections to the text of the Article as requested by referees and accepted by the Editorial Board of the Journal;

    3.2. to read proof(s) of the Article within the time periods specified by the Journal publication schedule;

    3.3. not to publish the Article in volume more than 50% in other printed and (or) electronic media before publication of the Journal issue containing the Authorís ASrticle, which is the subject of this agreement;

    3.4. to submit the original manuscript of the Article in electronic form and as a hard copy, but if such opportunities unavailable, in the form agreed with the Editors of the Journal;

    3.5. to make only minimum alterations to the proof of the Article due to the necessity of correcting errors in the original manuscript of the Article and (or) making factual changes and changes due to current situation.

    3.6. not to use an electronic layout of the Article prepared by the Publisher for commercial purposes and in other media without permission of the Publisher, if it is transferred to the Author.

4. The Publisher undertakes:

    4.1. at the Publisherís expense, to ensure peer review, scientific and stylistic editing, and copyediting of the Article, preparation and (or) processing of illustrative material, producing of print and electronic layout, graphic arts printing of the Journal issue containing the Authorís Article and distribution of this issue in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, and also to carry out a subscription campaign and collect requests for copies of the Journal, including promotional activities;

    4.2. to agree with the Authorís alterations made in the Article according to items 2.4 and 3.1 of this Agreement;

    4.3. to provide the Author the proofs of the typeset of the Article and to make reasonable alterations to the Article in the amount of not more than three corrections per thousand characters according to item 3.5 of this agreement.

5. The Publisher guarantees that without the consent of the Author:

    5.1. he shall not use the Article or its parts in any other printed and (or) electronic media;

    5.2. he shall not grant the right for publishing of the Article, a hardcopy or electronic layout to a third party.

6. The Publisher has the right:

    6.1. to print additional copies of the Journal issue containing the Authorís Article if any additional requests;

    6.2. to pay the author's royalty at rates set by the Publisher for individual Articles, prepared by order of the Publisher (the Editorial Board), which are not the result of the performance of official duties or duty assignment;

    6.3. to present advance and (or) promotional information on further publication of the Article and the Journal issues already published in mass media.

7. This Agreement shall come into force if and when the Editorial Board of the Journal accepts the Article for publication in the Journal. If the Article is rejected, this Agreement shall not come into force, and the Publisher shall give notice to the Author within 15 calendar days.

8. Signatures of the parties:




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