Director of the Institute

Vladimir Efimovich KUROCHKIN, Director of the Institute of Analytical Instrumentation, an institution of the Russian Academy of Sciences, born 1951, Doctor of Technology (1994), Professor (1998).
V. E. Kurochkin has been with IAIM since 1987. Having risen from senior researcher to Associate Director (Science), he was elected Director of the Institute in 2001.
Contacts: phone: +7-812-251-8600; e-mail:

Education: A. S. Popov Higher Naval School of Electronics (1968-1971) and Leningrad Institute of Aerospace Instrumentation (1973-1975). Post-graduate studies at the Medical Instrumentation Research Institute (Moscow). His candidate's thesis (1982) was dedicated to pulse flow cytofluorometry instruments, and the title of his doctor's thesis is "Instruments for Chemical and Immune Snap Analysis Based on Hybrid Methods" (1994).

Research: V. E. Kurochkin is a specialist in scientific instrument making. His essential papers are dedicated to development of physical fundamentals and methods of system design of immune, genetic, and chemical snap analysis instruments. In this sector, a cycle of fundamental research was carried out, and a new class of instruments created - bio- and chemosensor information and measurement systems with previously unachievable sensitivity and dynamic measurement range. Currently, V. E. Kurochkin is developing research in nonlinear dynamics of bio substances, in particular on the basis of microchip devices.
V. E. Kurochkin is author and co-author of over 200 scientific papers and 30 inventions.

Developments: V. E. Kurochkin is chief designer of a broad range of snap analysis instruments for applications in biophysics, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, immunology, genetics, ecology, and biotechnology. Among them are a package of facilities to maintain optimal microbe levels in habitable spacecraft (Salyut-6); LINKEY 96-channel immune ferment analyzer (world's first); SEN and mSEN instrument sets for express tests of pH and metal ions concentration (world's first); highly efficient capillary electrophoresis systems of the NANOFOR series; and a series of ANK-4, -32, -64, -96 analyzers, Russia's first instruments for real-time quantitative assessment of nucleic acid fragments by the PCR method. The ANK-4 snap analyzer has no analogs worldwide.

Science Management: Chairman of Specialist Board D 002.034.01 for Specialization 01.04.01 - Instruments and Methods of Experimental Physics; Editor-in-Chief of the academic journal Nauchnoye Priborostroyeniye [Research Instrument Making]; Member, Bureau of the RAS Scientific Council for scientific instrument making; Member, RAS Scientific Council, for analytical chemistry; head of the North-Western Research and Scientific Education Center established on his initiative, and professor of the graduating Industrial and Environmental Safety Department of St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, and member of the university's thesis board for the "Analytical Chemistry" specialization.

Address: ulitsa Ivana Chernykh, 31-33, lit. A, St. Petersburg, 198095, Russia
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