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The laptop time-of-flight mass spectrometer MCH 5310(11) is designed for solving a wide range of research and applied problems of medicine, biotechnology, pharmacology, environmental protection, criminology, and agricultural industry.

The instrument operation principle is based on the method of producing ions from the solutions of substances under analysis ERIAD ("Electrospray") developed by IAI RAS (1978 1982).



Since instrument MCH 5310(11) ensures high-sensitive analysis of solutions of samples of various natures, it is possible:

  • to diagnose diseases at early stages;
  • to perform proteomic investigations ;
  • to control drug production and storage;
  • to develop new drugs ;
  • to control food purity .

The instrument is produced in two modifications: -5310 with the electrospray ion source (the liquid sample bulk velocity of up to 1 ml/min) and -5311 with the nanoelectrospray ion source (the liquid sample bulk velocity of several nanoliters per minute). MCH 5310(11) can be equipped with a liquid chromatograph.


Basic performance characteristics

Mass-spectrometric detection of the presence of the goal substance and impurities with the sensitivity no less than, M


Resolution at the peak half - height , minimum

7 000

Detectable mass number range, up to, daltons

Extreme range, up to, daltons

10 000

20 000

Mass measurement accuracy, with internal calibration, %


Mass stability for 30 min, maximum, %

2 ·10-3

Overall dimensions , mm

1040 x 760 x 600


• Analytical characteristics of instrument MCH 5310(11) are comparable with the world-best ones in this instrument class.

•  The instruments can work in both the on-line and off-line modes.

•  The original software (TOF+) allows continuous monitoring of the analysis and high-speed data compression.

•  Since the instrument can work with domestic consumables, operating costs are 15 times lower than in working with foreign analogues.

•  In case of small-batch production, the instrument cost is considerably lower than that of foreign analogues of the same class.

Purity analysis of the insulin pharmaceutical form produced by different companies by using instrument 5310


Analysis of gramicidin s (left) and swine insulin (right)




No domestic analogues.

RF Patent 2295797 Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometer", priority of 6.06.2005.


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