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Guadelines for authors

Subject matter of publications

The Journal accepts for publication review and original research papers dealing with theoretical or applied aspects of scientific instrumentation as well as news, reports on new materials, methods, instruments and services, also of an advertising nature.


Submitting a manuscript for publication. General provisions

A manuscript for publication is sent to the editorial office of the journal for peer review. Submission includes two identical copies of the main text, two set of pictures and picture legends, a cover letter and an expert report of the authorís affiliation. Authors of other cities can sent manuscripts via e-mail according to requirements for electronic manuscript submission. Cover documents must be sent to the editorial office by post. If a manuscript is sent not by an institution but upon an author(s) own initiative, a cover letter can be signed only by the author(s). The Publisherís Copyright Transfer Agreement (until publishing) filled and signed by authors must be submitted together with package of documents. A form of the Agreement is available on the institute website iairas.ru or the editors of the journal may send it on request via email.
One should be given on a separate page: surname, first name and patronymic name (in full), affiliation address and/or home address, telephone number and email of the corresponding author with whom the editors can resolve arising issues. In addition, one should include contact information for readers that is subject to publication.
A manuscript for publication prepared according to the requirements and comprising the text, tables, figures and references should fill no more than: review papers – 20 pages, original research papers – 10 pages, brief communications – 5 pages, advertisement – 1 page. After examination by experts, all expertís and the editorsí comments on the manuscript are sent to the author for making corrections. Except of these corrections, any authorís alterations or text editing are not allowed. The corrected manuscript is sent for typesetting to the editorial office in electronic form via e-mail or on a 3.5" diskette.


Requirements for manuscripts submitted for examination by experts

A manuscript written in the Russian standard language and revised with respect to lexical and syntactical aspects should be double-spaced using 12-point font in a single column on one side of numbered A4 standard sheets with margins.
The title page of the manuscript should contain the following: UDC identifier, full title of a paper, surnames and initials of all authors, authorsí affiliation including city names, and an abstract as well as keywords. The title page is both in Russian and in English.
Papers should be ordered, i.e. divided into headed sections (and subsections, if necessary).
In papers, one should use only commonly accepted terms, units, and legends. Abbreviations of words, names and titles are permitted only when an introducing description is available, except of common abbreviations of words, units, physical, chemical, technical and mathematical quantities, and terms. One should use Russian transcription for units in Russian-language text and international symbols for physical quantities in English-language text.
Tables and figures are placed at the end of text also on A4 sheets in portrait orientation. The width of a graphic element is selected either in the range of 8 cm or 17 cm, the height is up to 20 cm. Letterings and numbering over the figure are not smaller than 8-point font.
The text should include references to all figures and tables. Each figure should be black-and-white and printed as a hard copy. Corrections and hand-drawn lettering over the figure are not permitted. As an exception, the editors accept pictures drawn in ink on separate A4 sheets.
Photographs should be printed on matte paper of size not more than A4 and not less 10x15 cm.
Legends of figures and tables should include in particular definitions of all symbols and abbreviations over a figurative element and be placed on a separate sheet.
Letter symbols, superscripts and subscripts, special symbols (integral, sum, multiplication signs and so on) in the formulas should be common accepted and printed or handwritten clearly for avoidance of doubts.
Formulas in text and references to them are numbered parenthetically.
Bibliographical references should indicated in text using numerals in square brackets. Reference numbers should ascend as they appear in the text.
A reference list under the title REFERENCES with reference numbers (without square brackets) should be presented on separate pages and contain entries of the following form:

for monographs
      1. Ivanov A.I. Field theory. M.: Nauka, 1992. 274 p.
for journal articles
      2. Petrov D.A. Title of the paper // Analytical Chemistry. 1996. Vol. 24, No 3. P. 34Ė42.
for author's abstracts
      3. Petrov D.A. Synopsis of thesis ... of Dr. Sci. Chem., M., 1997. 30 p.
for patents
      4. US Patent No 231783456, 11.02.91.

References to unpublished materials are not permitted. All bibliographic data should be carefully checked. (Do not use the references function of an electronic word processor: location of items during typesetting is changed and a link be-comes invalid).


Electronic submission of manuscripts

The editors prefer the material prepared by an author in the text editor MS Word for Windows 6 version and higher. All other cases are considered as an exception and should be agreed with the editors.
The manuscript in electronic form may consist of either

  • a file in .doc format containing the text followed by a reference list, figures, tables, and their legends,


  • a text file (.doc, .rtf or .txt format) with all textual materials and
  • files with pictures in .TIF, .JPG, .BMP, .PCX formats (vector formats should be agreed with the editors).

Formulas in a text file should be produced using the equation editor with the following settings: all numbers, capital Greek letters, mathematical operations and functions should be in upright, all other letter symbols ó in italics, vectors ó in bold. One should avoid using styles (STYLE OTHER) and sizes (SIZE OTHER) not predefined in the equation editor as well as modifying formula sizes.



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