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Measurement of the oxygen partial pressure, 2 , in liquid and gaseous biological media, their temperature and atmospheric pressure in laboratory and field conditions. 2 is measured electrochemically using an amperometric 2 electrode.

The instrument allows:

  • interactive control of instrument operation using a dual-line alphanumeric LCD display and a user-friendly interface;

  • communications with the computer via an IR- or RS-232 interface;

  • using various 2 electrodes with an operating current of 110-11 to 110 -6 , automatic control of their characteristics, and automatic regeneration of their working surface;

  • fast automatic one- and two-point calibration with any model medium;

  • audio signaling of 2 readings settlement ;

  • automatic temperature compensation and correction for atmospheric pressure variations;

  • saving up to 100 measurement data points, the last calibration results, and parameter settings in the instrument memory at the instrument switch-off for each of 10 O2 electrodes used;

  • protection of structural elements against corrosive chemicals, water and electrolytes;

Main technical characteristics

Measurement range:

2 , mm Hg.

temperature ,



Measurement error limit:

2 , % of current value

temperature ,




Measurement time *, s


Power supply voltage, V


Current consumption, mA, no more than


Overall dimensions of the meter, mm

165 x 80 x 35

Weight of the meter, g


Power source battery and/or mains (220 V, 50 Hz, via adapter)

*Depends on 2 electrode parameters and specified measurement accuracy requirements.



Biology, Ecology .


Typical results of oxygen detector current measurement representing the oxygen partial pressure on the forearm skin surface.


Manufacturer, delivery term

Developed at the Institute for Analytical Instrumentation RAS ( Russian Academy of Sciences), Research and Production Center of Ecology and Health, Ltd.

Manufacturer: Research and Production Center of Ecology and Health, Ltd.

Delivery term: 2 months from the date of 50 % advance payment.

Delivery kit

The basic set of supplied equipment includes the mains-operated (via adapter) meter, O2 electrode, temperature sensor.

Optionally supplied: built-in battery, charger-adapter, built-in atmospheric pressure meter, data output device for communications with PC through the IR port or RS232 interface, graphic display software, data processing software, special-purpose electrodes.


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